Sims In Paris

I tend to always come up with the name last.
Probably explains why it is my sims have such weird or boring names. XD

Anonymous said: I didn't know how you would take this, so that's why I'm on anonymously. I think that you should make your sims blog a main blog, and not a side blog. It's just better that way, you can communicate with simblrs a lot easier too. Have a nice day :)

Its ok :) but I don’t get the difference.. I think you guys still see my sims picture the only thing is you see kokochanel instead of simsinparis right? and if I follow you back I’m just following you back on kokochanel. If I’m wrong correct me


St. Claire downtown in winter
I wish someone could make

afro curly hair like… I mean pouffy curly hair :( male and female

Sunsetsims still not working :(


My dashboard is kinda dead.

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