Sims In Paris
I bought university :D
This is Moana she is a beach girl. Her life revolves around the beach 
I miss sunsetsims :(

waaahhh where else can you find things? the booty doesn’t really update their things

meh that’s it i give up


idk if i’m going to continue the hanson legacy since apparently my cmputer just doesn’t wanna do it T_T

ever since i installed seasons i’ve been getting more exception raised errors than ever and i’m pretty sick of it so idk for right now \: i can’t even play for like 10-15 minutes without one right now and idk why so yeah

Omg I keep getting the same thing :/

So I see sunsetsims still doesn’t work..




EA Announces The Sims 3 University!

I’m not sure how it’s going to work yet but I’m excited!
yay I got ambitions

I tend to always come up with the name last.
Probably explains why it is my sims have such weird or boring names. XD